FNST Mapping Tools - UPDATE


ArcGIS Online FNST Map

This ArcGIS map allows you to explore the Florida National Scenic Trail and to create and print your own maps. Trailheads and campsites are visible as you zoom in to the county level.

To provide trail status updates or data corrections for addition to the map, email FNST@fs.fed.us. We will incorporate user comments into the information field for the section of trail, trailhead, or campsite and include dates. 



Below are four different .kmz files for use in Google Earth and handheld GPS units, including the full official FNST, campsites, trailheads, and connectors. Different files can be downloaded and utilized for personal use by clicking on the links below: 

Official Florida National Scenic Trail

Designated Campsites

Designated Trailheads

Unofficial Connectors

ArcGIS App

The FNST ArcGIS map is also available on your smartphone! Download the ArcGIS app from your app store and use its search function to find the Florida National Scenic Trail map on your phone. 

ArcGIS App in Apple App Store


Email FNST@fs.fed.us with trail updates, trail segment statuses, and data corrections.