Barry Point Fire Documentation

Barry Point Fire Timber BurningThis page links to the documents and records we anticipate will most likely be requested related to actions taken in suppression of the Barry Point Fire during the summer of 2012. Examples of the information available on this site include: 

  • weather information and projections of fire behavior;
  • incident management team (IMT) planning, activities and documentation; and
  • records related to communications with members of the public, local and non-local government entities and landowners.

Although we hope this page will make it easier for you to access the types of information that are important to you, we also recognize you may be looking for more detail or different information than is presented here. If you are still unable to find documentation you need, please call one of our local contacts who will be able to provide you with additional direction:  

Fremont-Winema National Forest

  • Nina Hardin 541-947-6286
  • Joni Drinkwater  541-947-6207

Modoc National Forest

  • Sandra "Punky" Moore 530-233-8713

Site Content

The initial uploading of documents currently planned for availability through this site was completed 02/13/2012.

Summary reports, reviews, briefing papers and related documents are current as of 06/18/2012.

The information presented on this site is organized in the following manner:

Reports, Reviews and Briefing Papers

  • Barry Point Regional Forester's Fact Finding Review

  • Barry Point Fire Fuels Effectiveness Review




Part 1: Barry Point Fire Story


Part 2: Decision Making and Strategies


Part 3: Lessons Learned


Records and Documentation


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Document Content

Some documents posted on Barry Point Fire documentation web pages may contain personal information (such as cell phone numbers). This information has been redacted (blacked out) to protect the personal privacy of individuals and to meet legal and/or security-related requirements.


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