Resources and People (RAP) Camp

RAP Camp LogoDISCOVER the great outdoors in forests, mountain
meadows, wetlands, wildlife, lakes & streams.

INTERACT first hand with natural resource
professionals to gain career insights.

HAVE FUN - Hike on Pacific Crest Trail, swim, canoe
hands-on activities, visit Crater Lake and a local ranch.

If you are a high school student between the ages of 13 and 18, have completed 8th grade, RAP Camp is for you!

Students spend a week at Camp Esther Applegate, on Lake of the Woods near Klamath Falls, Oregon, learning about the diverse natural resources that make up an ecosystem.

Participants spend their days on field trips and hands-on outdoor activities learning about natural resource disciplines, such as forestry, fisheries, wildlife, range, riparian, geology, recreation, fire, wetlands, wilderness, and cultural resources. There is also time for outdoor recreation activities and special evening programs.

At the end of the week, new-found knowledge and team building skills are combined as students and teachers develop and present a land management plan.

You will receive college and career counseling, and can apply for high school credit. Enjoy a variety of outdoor activities and have fun! FUN! FUN!


RAP Camp is for Teachers too!

Along with students, teachers can join in the fun and earn graduate credits while developing curriculum to integrate natural resources into your classroom. You will return to your classroom with "armloads" of Environmental Education materials including:

  • Project WET (Water Education for Teachers) 
  • "Exploring Oregon's Past" (honors the cultural and natural heritage of Oregon)
  • "Wonders of Wetlands" Curriculum
  • "Investigating Your Environment" Guide (Updated)