Motor Vehicle Use Map (MVUM)

2014 MVUM Front CoverMVUM is the legal document stipulating which roads and trails are designated for motor vehicle use on the Fremont-Winema National Forest. Regardless of what other maps may show as motorized routes, only those routes identified on the MVUM are available for motorized use. The MVUM also provides the following information:

  • specifies what vehicle types are allowed on each road or motorized trail (e.g. highway-legal vehicles, all vehicles, etc.);
  • identifies when motor vehicles can use roads and mo­torized trails that are seasonally restricted;
  • shows where motorized access for dispersed camping is allowed; and 
  • provides information on other travel rules and regulations.

Routes not shown on the MVUM are not open to public motor vehicle travel. Routes designated for motorized use may not always be signed on the ground but will be identified on the MVUM. It will be the user’s responsibility to reference the MVUM and stay on designated routes for motor vehicle use.

The maps are black-and-white with limited landmarks and reference points. They follow strict national standards that require the symbols to be simple in order to highlight road and motorized trail information. They are not stand-alone maps, but are intended to be used in conjunction with other Forest Service maps, such as the Forest Visitor Map.

The MVUM also does not advise users as to the availability of routes on other jurisdictions. It also does not display designations for non-motorized uses such as mountain biking, horseback riding and hiking. Over-snow tracked vehicle use is not regulated through the MVUM.

The public is welcome to propose revisions to the MVUM at any time during the year. The Forest is allowed to annually update the MVUM  if there are mapping errors or discrepancies and to reflect updates to motorized access resulting from site-specific travel management (National Environmental Policy Act) decisions.  


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MVUMs are Now Available in Multiple Formats

The MVUM is FREE to the public and is available at all  Fremont-Winema National Forest offices and on the Forest’s Web site. In addition, the MVUM can be downloaded to a mobile device, such as an iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch or Android (4.0.3 or newer), directly through the Avenza PDF Maps Mobile App. The Forest also created files that can be viewed in Google Earth and compatible with newer Garmin Global Positioning System (GPS) units.