South Central Oregon Land Management Agencies To Start Prescribed Burning

Contact(s): Erica Hupp 541-883-6715; Lisa Swinney 541-947-6261

Lakeview, Oregon –Fire managers for the Fremont-Winema National Forest, Bureau of Land Management’s (BLM) Lakeview District and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s (USFWS) Sheldon-Hart Mountain National Wildlife Complex will start spring prescribed burning. This is an ongoing effort to reduce the potential of catastrophic wildfires and improve ecosystem health.

Prescribed burns are a proactive tool used to achieve a number of purposes, including the reduction of hazardous fuels (overgrown vegetation). Prescribed burns can help decrease the threat of high intensity, high-severity wildfires; reduce the risk of insect and disease outbreak; recycle nutrients that increase soil productivity; and improve wildlife habitat.

Another benefit resulting from prescribed fire is a reduction in fire danger to communities. The Fremont-Winema National Forest, BLM and USFWS work in partnership with the National Park Service, Oregon Department of Forestry (ODF) and adjacent landowners to improve the health of our public lands and reduce the threat of wildfire to local communities.

“The objective of prescribed fire is not to eliminate wildfires, but to reduce their intensity, especially in areas where we want to protect resources,” said Barry Shullanberger, Interagency Fuels Specialist for the Fremont-Winema National Forest and BLM Lakeview District.

The actual days of ignition for these burn projects will depend on several factors including appropriate humidity levels, wind speed and direction, temperature, and fuel moisture. Burns only occur on days when the ODF Smoke Management Office indicates suitable weather conditions exist for smoke dispersal.

Fire crews divide large landscape burns into blocks of land over multiple days. This allows them to halt prescribed burning activity within those areas if anything is out of prescription, such as too much wind. Crews can start again when conditions are more acceptable. Fire managers create a burn plan, which includes smoke management details, fire control measures, acceptable weather parameters, and equipment and personnel needs. The burn plan also describes in detail how the ecosystem will benefit from fire.

Please do not call 911 about burning in the areas referred below. Local law enforcement is aware of these burning activities. For prescribed fire information, please call the Lakeview Interagency Fire Center (LIFC) at 541-947-6315 or visit its Web site at:

On the LIFC Web site, the public can find out what agencies are currently conducting prescribed burns, the location of active burns, residual smoke and planned burns and fiscal year-to-date prescribed burning statistics.

Possible burn locations for the fall of 2014 include:


Bly Ranger District

Approximately 800 acres of prescribed burning is planned for the Mortar/Coyote Project area located 10 miles east of Bonanza, Ore. in the Goodlow Mountain area. An additional 1,000 acres are scheduled to be burned within the Bly Ridge Wildland Urban Interface Project area, which is a half mile west of the Pinecrest subdivision located northwest of Bly, Ore. Prescribed underburning could also take place on the 40-acre Vista Project and 500-acre Owen Project. For further information, please contact the Bly Ranger District at 541-353-2427.

Chemult Ranger District

Approximately 470 acres of prescribed burning is planned for the Sting Timber Sale area located about 20 miles southwest of Chemult, Ore. near Pothole Butte. An additional 1,000 acres of prescribed underburning is planned in the Desert Old Growth allocation located approximately 14 miles southwest of Chemult near the Crater Lake National Park boundary. Roughly 850 acres of machine/hand piles will be burned in various locations throughout the District. For further information, please contact the Chemult Ranger District at 541-365-7001.

Chiloquin Ranger District

Roughly 300 acres of prescribed burning is planned in the Ninemile Project area located nine miles east of Chiloquin, Ore., adjacent to the Sprague River Road. For additional information, please contact the Chiloquin Ranger District at 541-783-4001.

Klamath Ranger District

Around 100 acres of underburning AS For additional information, please contact the Klamath Ranger District at 541-883-6714.

Lakeview Ranger District

Around 2,000 acres of prescribed underburning is planned for the West Drews Project, west of Drews Reservoir and another 700 acres is planned near Strawberry Reservoir. Roughly 1,300 acres of juniper piles will be burned  on land surrounding the Vee Lake Recreation area, located about 18 miles northeast of Lakeview, Ore., and 10 miles west of Plush, Ore. For additional information, please contact the Lakeview Ranger District at 541-947-3334.

Winter Rim Zone

Nearly 1,000 acres of prescribed burning is planned in the Ben Young Creek area, which is 17 miles south of Paisley, Ore. For additional information, please contact the Winter Rim Zone at 541-943-3114.



Lakeview Resource Area

Roughly 1,500 acres of prescribed burning is planned for cut juniper within the Bridge Creek, Green Mountain, Highway 31 and Silver Creek areas in North Lake County. An additional 6,000 acres of prescribed burning is planned for cut juniper within the South Warner Project area, located 20 miles east of Lakeview, Ore. and five miles southwest of Adel, Ore. For additional information, please contact the Lakeview Resource Area at 541-947-2177.

Klamath Falls Resource Area

Nearly 250 acres of prescribed burning is planned for the Klamath Falls Resource Area. Approximately 200 acres of underburning will take place near the Klamath River Canyon located approximately 16 miles southwest of Klamath Falls, Ore. Another 50 acres of machine/hand piles will be burned near Bly Mountain located about half way between Bly, Ore., and Klamath Falls. For more information, contact the Klamath Resource Area at 541-883-6916.



Sheldon/Hart National Wildlife Refuge Complex

Approximately 710 acres of cut juniper will be burned in the Poker Jim area of Hart Mountain National Antelope Refuge. Most of the planned burning on Hart Mountain is approximately 8-10 miles east of Plush, Ore. For more information, please contact the U.S. Fish and Wildlife office at 541-947-3315.