(FIRE UPDATE) 790 Fire

Contact(s): Erica Hupp (541) 883-6715; Lisa Swinney (541) 947-6261

The790 Fire has grown to a total size of 1,686 acres.  Fire crews were very successful in shoring up the eastern most flanks of the fire.  Current fire activity remains moderate and has moved south across Big Ben Creek and toward Luther Mountain.  Crews will continue to shore up the eastern flank and will begin shifting work to the southeastern corner of the fire.

Weather on the Southern Cascades is anticipated to be in the mid 70’s today with northeastern winds.  It is anticipated that this weather will assist crews with their today’s full fire suppression efforts.

A segment of the Pacific Crest Trail and many others in the area remain closed due to fire activity.  These trail closures are from State Highway 140 to the Crater Lake Boundary.  No trail re-route through the Sky Lakes Wilderness currently exists.  Fire crews ask that trail users refrain from using these trails as it places themselves and firefighters safety at risk.

A Type 3 Incident Management Team (Edwards) continues to adjust strategies for full fire suppression efforts of the 790 Fire.  Currently assigned for fire suppression are 46 wildland firefighters, 10 rappellers, and 17 smokejumpers which are supported by a 10-mule pack string and six helicopters.

The 790 Fire is located in the Sky Lakes Wilderness with a primary southern edge of Big Ben Creek drainage and east to Snow Lakes.  This fire resulted from the lightning activity that occurred July 31, 2014 and is located in an area difficult for crews to access safely.  The terrain is rugged and rocky with much blow down debris and standing snags, which prevent firefighters from safely and actively engaging with the fire perimeter.

Archery Season will soon open.  Hunters are asked to be aware of fire conditions as fuels continue to dry and warmer weather is forecasted this week.  Hunters shall also understand fire regulations prior to entering the forest which can be found at: