How to Reduce Wildfire Smoke Exposure

Contact(s): Erica Hupp 541-883-6715; Lisa Swinney 541-947-6261

Klamath Falls, Oregon. – With smoke from wildfires being pushed into Klamath and Lake Counties, County Public Health Departments suggest that the public should try and minimize exposure to the smoky conditions.

Wildfire smoke contains irritating chemicals. Residents may experience symptoms during or after being exposed to wildfire smoke, including eye irritation, scratchy throat, coughing, shortness of breath, headaches, runny nose and shortness of breath.

People with existing heart or lung disease may experience heightened symptoms. Children and the elderly are also more likely to be affected by smoke. Even healthy people may experience some symptoms in smoky conditions. If symptoms persist, seek medical attention immediately.

Recommendation for Minimizing Smoke Exposure:

  • Stay indoors with windows and doors closed; run air conditioner on “recirculate” setting; keep air conditioner filters clean; and do not use swamp coolers.
  • When driving in smoky conditions, make sure to drive with the windows rolled up and the air conditioner on “recirculate.”
  • Minimize outdoor activities, especially exercise during smoky conditions.
  • If temperatures are high and the home has no air conditioning, it may be necessary to go to a public facility with air conditioning for a break.
  • Persons in a “high risk” group or those who cannot find adequate shelter from the smoke outdoors may consider the option of temporarily staying with family or friends away from the wildfires and smoke.

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