Sustainable Recreation: Now and in the Future

Over a million people visit the Gifford Pinchot National Forest each year. While public demand for recreation has increased, deteriorating infrastructure and declining budgets result in not meeting public expectations of safe, clean, and accessible recreation experiences.  We need to look at ways to do things differently to better meet these expectations.

The forest is evaluating our recreation opportunities and sites.  We are asking for your ideas and input about how our recreation sites could be managed.

Our Goals:

  • Identify a path forward to build a high-quality, sustainable recreation program within our budget realities.
  • Manage a sustainable number of sites to a higher standard rather than juggle a large number of sites in poor condition that do not meet safety & sanitation standards.
  • Explore creative options and develop community based solutions.

Safe & Sustainable Recreaion

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Want to learn more about the our evaluation and analysis process?  Click here for information about the Recreation Site Analysis process.