Forest Products

You need a permit to remove products from the Gifford Pinchot National Forest. Check with your local Ranger District Office for details.

Gathering, harvesting, or collecting is prohibited inside the legislated Mount St. Helens National Volcanic Monument, Wilderness, Research Natural Areas, Experimental Forests, and other administratively closed areas. 

Visit the Special Forest Products and regulations page to learn more about when you need a permit, what kind of permit to obtain, and regulatory information.

Special Forest Products

Click for info about mushroom permits Get a Free Use Permit online for gathering Mushrooms, Berries or Ferns here

**ALERT: The online permit system is not compatible with Internet Explorer. Please consider other browser options like Chrome, Firefox, or Microsoft Edge.

FREE MAP: Download your free Special Forest Products map via Avenza. The free Avenza mobile app makes it easy to download forest maps onto your mobile device & the maps are georeferenced, so you can track your location even with no service available.

All Special Forest Products:

Click for info on berry harvesting Click for info on firewood cutting Click for info on mushroom harvesting
Click for info on Beargrass, salal, boughs, ferns, & cuttings
Click for info on Christmas tree cutting Click for info on poles and posts cutting Click for info on live plants and transplants collecting
Click for info on cones, bark, stumps, and conk collecting

To obtain a permit and more information contact your nearest Ranger District office.

Other Products

Rocks and Minerals

  • The removal of rocks and minerals falls under the jurisdiction of the Minerals program. Contact the Gifford Pinchot National Forest for authorization to remove rocks or minerals from the Forest. Please see the Rocks and Minerals page for more information about the removal of rocks and minerals from the Forest. 


  • The Gifford Pinchot authorizes the harvest of timber through competitively bid timber sale contracts. For a list of sales currently offered for bid please see the section "Timber Sales" at the bottom of the Resource Management page.

Hunting and Fishing

  •  The State of Washington manages the animal populations and the capture or harvest of animals is governed by the laws of Washington State. Contact the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife ( for authorization to capture or harvest animals.  See the Recreation sectiont to find out more about Hunting and Fishing opportunities on the Gifford Pinchot National Forest.