Cascades Volcano Pass

Purchase of a Cascades Volcano Pass is required if you are climbing above 7,000 feet elevation in Mt. Adams Wilderness between May1 and September 30. 

Wilderness Regulations apply. Groups may have 12 people max. You must pack out your waste.

Prices for Cascades Volcano Pass

Visitors will need to bring exact change for the Cascade Volcano Pass (cash or check)

  • $15 per person for a Weekend Climbing Pass valid for a single climbing trip involving any weekend day, Friday-Sunday.
  • $10 per person for a Weekday Climbing Pass valid for a single climbing trip on weekdays, Monday-Thursday.
  • $30 per person for an Annual Climbing Pass valid for unlimited climbs at Mt. Adams during the calendar year purchased.
  • Free to people under 16 years of age.


Purchase in person: Single trip and annual climbing passes are available during regular office hours at: Mt. Adams Ranger Station in Trout Lake and Cowlitz Valley Ranger Station in Randle.

Self-issue: Single trip passes only, may be purchased at a self-issuing station located at Mt. Adams Ranger Station in Trout Lake, WA. Cascade Volcano Passes are not available at the South Climb/Cold Springs Trailhead.

  • Fill out a fee envelope
  • Annual pass holders fill in their annual pass number. Be sure to check the appropriate box on the envelope.
  • Separate the pass from the fee envelope and attach to each person's pack
  • Separate the parking voucher from the envelope and place on the front dash of your vehicle. This is in lieu of a valid Recreation Pass. The voucher needs to be visible from the outside of your vehicle.
  • Deposit the sealed envelope in the fee tube.
  • Each group needs to fill out one climbing register and leave in the register box at the fee station.

Purchase by mail: Single trip and annual climbing passes are also available by mail. Please fill out and mail in a Cascades Volcano Pass Order Form with your check.

Climbing Register 

  • Climbing registers are available at all fee stations. Maximum group size is 12 people. The climbing registers provide statistics on Wilderness use and can help facilitate search and rescue. Climbers do not need to sign-in after their climb.

Human Waste Pack Out Bags

  • Climbers are requested to pack out all solid body wastes (feces) on all climbing routes. Human waste pack-out bags are available for free at the Mt. Adams Ranger Station in Trout Lake, WA. Disposal cans are located at the South Climb Trailhead.

Off Season Climbing

Cascades Volcano Passes are not required from October 1 to April 30. They are not required when staying below 7,000 feet elevation at any time of the year. For Wilderness travel at low elevation or during the off-season, Wilderness Permits are required. Wilderness Permits are free and available at all trailheads and Ranger District offices.