Cowlitz Valley Flood Damage

This area is regarding flood damaged roads.  For other road conditions please go to the recreation page and scroll down for the current conditions table.  During December of 2015, the Cowlitz Valley Ranger District road system sustained significant flood damage. Some repairs have already been made by District Road Crews, notably temporary repairs on Forest Road 25 and 52. They are and will continue actively working on repairs that are within our funding and equipment capabilities. However, some areas remain damaged or impassable. Efforts are underway to secure funding and schedule repairs to all roads. As snow melts other road damage is being discovered. Please use caution when driving on all Forest Roads.

The following tables show which roads are closed by a Forest Order, roads that are impassable due to washouts and roads that have washouts where use is not advised. Many other roads have damage but remain drivable and are not listed in the following tables. Please use caution when driving on all Forest Roads.  More information will be posted as details become available.

For roads that may be closed due to seasonal closures visit the Motor Vehicle Use Map or pick up your free copy at any Gifford Pinchot National Forest office.

Call our front desk in Randle at (360) 497-1100 for more information.

View a map of inaccessible roads on the Cowlitz Valley Ranger District. (updated 6/29/2016)


Roads Closed by Washouts (last updated 6/29/2016)
2130 Road is closed at milepost 0.3 due to a washout.
22 Road is closed at milepost 5-7.8 by four washouts.
2200.043 Road is closed at milepost .25 due to a washout.
23 Road is closed at milepost 11, milepost 18, and milepost 23.4 due to washouts.
2322 Road is closed at milepost .02 due to damaged bridge
2324 Road is closed at milepost 0.1 due to a washout and slide.
2325 Road is closed just past the junction with the 2325042
25 Road is now open to one lane traffic at the washout at milepost 12.  The road is still closed just past the junction with Forest Road 99 and will open July 1st, 2016.

Road is closed at milepost 0.1 due to a slide and washout.

26 Road is closed between milepost 8 and milepost 10.2. Map still shows a washout out at milepost 11 but it is now passable to Green River Horsecamp. 
28 Road is closed at milepost 9.1 to a washout and slide.
2801 Road will remain closed after April 1st for flood damage repair and public safety.
2809 Road is closed at milepost 0.1 due to a slide and bridge damage.
29 Road is closed at milepost 7.6 due to a washout.
4720 Road is closed but exact location has not been verified.
5260 Road is closed at milepost 1.4 due to washout.
5270 Washout near the end of the road beyond the Tatoosh Trailhead.
5601 Road is closed at milepost 1.95 due to a washout.
5603.017 Road is closed at milepost .03 due to a washout.
78 Road is closed approximately two miles above the junctions with Forest Road 21 by a washout. Also closed at Milepost 5.8 and 7.8 due to washouts.
1260.022 Road is closed at milepost .1 due to a washout.


Roads Washed Out Use Not Advised (last updated 6/29/2016)

2329  Washout just north of Killen Creek Campground,
2750 Washouts begin at milepost 3.3
47 Washouts at milepost 3 and milepost 6
46 Washout at milepost 7.5
75 Washout at milepost 4.7.
7605 Washout at milepost 0.4
84 Washout at milepost 14 (.2 miles above 47 road)
85 Washouts at milepost 9.2 and 9.4


Roads Closed by Forest Order (last updated 5/18/2016)

2801 Road is closed at gate locations.

Next Steps: Road Repairs for Storm Damage 

To help repair some of our storm-damaged roads, the Forest is applying for Emergency Relief for Federally Owned Roads (ERFO).  Here is a very basic description of the process we will follow to repair major damage to our larger roads (Level 3- 5).

1. Complete Damage Assessment and compile data.  (Assessments have been completed). It is possible that other sites will be discovered and added after snow melt.

2. Submit projects to Federal Highways Administration to seek ERFO funding (A list of 32 sites on Cowlitz Valley Ranger District has been submitted to Federal Highways).

3. Federal Highways reviews the damage and makes a decision whether or not to declare an ERFO event. (Federal Highways has now declared an ERFO event)

4. When an ERFO event is declared the Forest prepares a Damage Site Report that includes any necessary planning and engineering design and submits it to Federal Highways (Forest has submitted 30 damage sites to Federal Highways  and they are being reviewed). Other sites being discovered will be sumbitted (05/17/2016).

5. Projects are approved, denied, or modified.

6. Dollars are allocated.

7. Contracts are put together and awarded.

8. Damaged roads are repaired.

Road damage that is not approved as an ERFO site does not qualify for ERFO funding and cannot be repaired through this process.  Other funding sources must be found or damage is not repaired.


Forest Road 23 at MP 12.6
Pic of 23 rd damage


Forest Road 23 at MP 23.6
23 road flood damage 23.6


Forest Road 23 at MP 18
flood damage 23 rd


Forest Road 25 at MP 12
25 road flood damage


Forest Road 2322 at MP .1
2322 flood damage 2015


Forest Road 2809 at MP .1
2809 flood damage 2015