Ranger Districts

The forest is divided into six areas known as Ranger Districts. Each district has its own management staff led by the district ranger located at the district office. Because of the Gila's size, there are also various work stations that exist in remote areas such as the Luna and Beaverhead Work Centers. The Forest Supervisor's office, located in Silver City, NM, houses various program managers and resources utilized by the districts in managing the forest.

Map of Ranger Districts

Table showing map of forest with links to Ranger Districts information pages.
Map Legend
 Map of forest showing Ranger Districts  Legend for Black Range RD Black Range Ranger District
 Legend for Glenwood RD Glenwood Ranger District
 Legend for Quemado RD Quemado Ranger District
 Legend for Reserve RD Reserve Ranger District
 Legend for Silver City RD Silver City Ranger District
 Legend for Wilderness RD Wilderness Ranger District