Glenwood Ranger District

Glenwood Ranger District sign

The Glenwood Ranger District is managed for many multi-use purposes; hunting, fishing, hiking, ranching, camping and personal firewood cutting are among the activities. The district manages more than 525,448 acres of the Gila National Forest, including the western portion of the Gila Wilderness and the Blue Range Wilderness. The district has more than 322 miles of trail, offering diverse terrain and dramatic landscapes for the skilled hiker. 

The Glenwood Ranger District is home to the Catwalk National Recreation Trail and the first International Dark Sky Sanctuary in North America, located at Cosmic Campground.

Current Conditions

For current conditions call (575) 539-2481.

Office Information

Map of location of the Ranger District on the Forest

District Ranger:  Erick Stemmerman

P.O. Box 8, Glenwood, New Mexico, 88039

Phone: Phone (575) 539-2481, Fax (575) 539-2485

Office hours: 8:00 am - 4:30 pm Monday through Friday

Directions: The district office is 0.25 mile south of Glenwood on the west side of Hwy 180.

Area Description

The Glenwood Ranger District area description includes an overview of the main towns where the Ranger District offices are located, as well as information on climate, cultural and recreation offerings, medical, schools, housing and transportation.


The Glenwood Ranger District has many attractions including the Aldo Leopold Vista, Mogollon Historic Area, Pueblo Park Campground and the Catwalk National Recreation Trail.