Quemado Ranger District

Quemado Ranger District sign

The Quemado Ranger District is the northernmost district on the Gila National Forest. It is actually the part of the Apache National Forest that is located in New Mexico and that is administered by the Gila NF. Elevations range from 6,600 feet to 9,700 feet in the 603,382 acres managed by the Quemado Ranger District. The area covered by the district includes grassland, piñon-juniper woodland, ponderosa pine, and mixed conifer with aspen and fir. There are also riparian areas with cottonwood, willow, and other riparian vegetation.

Current Conditions

For current conditions call (575) 773-4678

Visitors are asked to always practice fire safety and make sure campfires are cold to the touch before leaving campsites.

Please check with the district office on road conditions in the forest prior to driving. The road into the Quemado Lake Recreation area is paved and gravel.

Office Information

Map of location of the Ranger District on the Forest

District Ranger: Vacant

Address: #3 Lyle Loop, P.O. Box 159, Quemado, New Mexico, 87829

Phone: Phone (575) 773-4678, Fax (575) 773-4114

Office hours: 8:00 am - 4:30 pm Monday to Friday.  Office is closed on all federal holidays.

Directions: 0.1 miles north of the intersection of US Highway 60 and NM State Highway 36.

Area Description

The Quemado Ranger District area description includes an overview of the main towns where the ranger district offices are located, as well as information on climate, cultural and recreation offerings, medical, schools, housing and transportation.


Popular attractions include fishing, boating, hunting, camping, horse back riding, rock hounding, birding, hiking, recreational vehicle use (no off-road), and wildlife viewing. Quemado Lake Recreation Area provides fishing, RV camping, and tent camping opportunities. Portions of the Continental Divide National Scenic Trail are located on the east side of the district while the San Francisco Warm Springs grace the west end. NM State Highway 32 between Quemado and Apache Creek offers a scenic drive and changing colors in the fall.

Key Contacts

  • Black Range RD
    Phone (575) 894-6677
  • Glenwood RD
    Phone (575) 539-2481
  • Quemado RD
    Phone (575) 773-4678
  • Reserve RD
    Phone (575) 533-6232
  • Silver City RD
    Phone (575) 388-8201
  • Wilderness RD
    Phone (575) 536-2250