Reserve Ranger District

Reserve Ranger District sign

The Reserve Ranger District is one of the largest districts in the northern portion of the Gila National Forest. Grass plains, chaparral, woodland, pine and mixed conifer habitats are found within the 613,119 acres that make up the district. Elevations are moderate to high and range from 5,300 feet to 9,786 feet. There are four developed campgrounds located on the district. The district boasts 155 miles of trail including 55 miles on the Continental Divide. The district's southern border is the Gila Wilderness, providing several backcountry hiking opportunities. A large portion of the district is relatively untouched, providing the abundance of big game, small game, and fishing, making the area a "hunter's paradise", known worldwide.

Current Conditions

For current conditions call (575) 533-6232.

Office Information

Map of location of the Ranger District on the Forest

District Ranger: Vacant

Address:  5 Smokey Bear Circle, P.O. Box 170, Reserve, New Mexico, 87830

Phone: (575) 533-6232, Fax (575) 533-6605

Office hours: 8:00 am - 4:30 pm Monday to Friday except for Federal Holidays

Directions: The Reserve Ranger District Office is on Highway 12, one mile west of Reserve.

Area Description

The Reserve Ranger District area description includes an overview of the main towns where the district offices are located, as well as information on climate, cultural and recreation offerings, medical, schools, housing and transportation.


Four developed campgrounds occur in the district. In addition, the district has over 155 miles of trails of which approximately 55 miles are located along the Continental Divide. Approximately 2,789 miles of roads occur throughout the area, many of which are primitive (dirt) roads. A large part of the district remains roadless and relatively undisturbed. As a result, an abundance of elk, deer, bear, antelope, small game, birds and fish may be found in the area.

Key Contacts

  • Black Range RD
    Phone (575) 894-6677
  • Glenwood RD
    Phone (575) 539-2481
  • Quemado RD
    Phone (575) 773-4678
  • Reserve RD
    Phone (575) 533-6232
  • Silver City RD
    Phone (575) 388-8201
  • Wilderness RD
    Phone (575) 536-2250