Wild and Scenic River Eligibility Study

As one part of the larger Plan Revision effort, the Gila NF is evaluating rivers for their eligibility for Wild and Scenic designation as required under Chapter 80 of the 2012 Planning Rule Directives.  In order to be determined as “eligible,” a river segment must meet two requirements: it must be free-flowing and, included within its corridor, it must also possess one or more outstandingly remarkable values in relation to similar streams in an established Region of Comparison. Under the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act, the categories of outstandingly remarkable values include: scenery, recreation, geology, fish, wildlife, historic and cultural values, or other similar river-related values.

Since the Gila NF undertook a previous eligibility study in 2002, the extent of the eligibility study process during plan revision will be limited to any rivers that were not previously evaluated for eligibility, and those previously studied that now have changed circumstances that warrant a new evaluation. 

An interdisciplinary team undertook a thorough and transparent evaluation of rivers to be studied for eligibility, considering best available information and stakeholder input.  The draft results of the eligibility study are now available in Volume 3 Appendix G of the Draft Environmental Impact Statement for Forest Plan Revision.


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