Luna Restoration Project


In response to Congressional, Agency, and Regional emphasis on All-Lands Restoration level planning, the Gila National Forest and the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forests have responded by proposing ecological restoration treatments across the Escudilla Landscape. 

The Escudilla Landscape is approximately 279,470 acres; 262,706 acres are National Forest lands, and 16,764 are non-forest lands.  Within the Escudilla Landscape there are three planning areas:  Pueblo Park on the Glenwood Ranger District (25,325 acres), Luna on the Quemado Ranger District (185,586 acres), and the West Escudilla on the Springerville and Alpine Ranger Districts (68,559 acres). 


  • Activities will improve the ability of forests and grasslands to be and remain healthy and resilient, despite stresses and disturbances such as drought and wildfire. 
  • Adjacent communities and property are resilient to the impacts from wildfire.
  • Deliver a wide range of benefits to the public:   social, economic, and environmental. 
  • Watersheds are in good condition, and functioning. 
  • Activities contribute substantial socioeconomic benefits.
  • Collaborate with and engage communities.

Public Involvement:

Public input, feedback, and collaboration are some of the effective ways members of the public can participate in the Luna Restoration planning effort. An open house was held at the Luna Community Center, Luna, NM on Wednesday, June 8, 2016 to discuss the Proposed Action. 

Luna Restoration Project Scoping

Luna Restoration Project - Federal Register Notice of Availability

Luna Restoration Project Draft Environmental Impact Statement

Luna Restoration Project Final Environmental Impact Statement and Draft Record of Decision


Emily Irwin, District Ranger, Quemado Ranger District
Lisa Mizuno, Team Leader