Vandalism at Grapevine Campground costs $5,000 to rehabilitate

Release Date: Aug 30, 2017  

Mimbres, NM, August 30, 2017—For Immediate Release.  The Gila National Forest, Wilderness Ranger District officials discovered vandalism at the Grapevine Campground at the end of July. The damages are estimated at $5,000.  Law Enforcement Officer Canuto Molina has an ongoing investigation and said that the “penalty for damage to government property, under 18 USC 1361, is a fine up to $5,000 and/or six months imprisonment.”

District Ranger Rachelle Huddleston-Lorton says “This type of activity costs time and money to repair and rehabilitate. We are diverting appropriated funds that could have been used for maintaining another campground or trail cleanup.”

Graffiti in the restroom located at Grapevine Campground    Grapevine Campground graffiti on front of sign    Graffiti on the sign outside Grapevine Campground sign number 2







According to the U. S. Department of Agriculture, the most common types of vandalism on public lands are graffiti and deliberate malicious damage to Forest Service lands, picnic tables, gates, buildings, restrooms, parking facilities, vehicles and natural features.

The Gila National Forest asks anyone who sees acts of vandalism to report it to the local ranger district office or local law enforcement. We also discourage people from cleaning graffiti because they may become injured venturing off trails or use incorrect materials to remove graffiti.

These are your public lands and the Gila NF wants all visitors to have a safe and fun experience. These are your public lands. Please “Leave No Trace.”

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