Understanding the Gatton’s Park Fuels Treatment Project and Public Access to Fuelwood

Mimbres, NM, February 7, 2018—For Immediate Release.  The Gatton’s Park Fuels Treatment Project on the Wilderness Ranger District is a Collaborative Forest Restoration Project (CFRP).  The project at Gatton’s Park involves thinning acreage which will reduce the hazard of catastrophic fire in and around the Upper Mimbres area. 

The Grant Soil and Water Conservation District, in collaboration with the Gila National Forest, applied for a grant that met several of the objectives – wildfire threat reduction, ecosystem restoration, small diameter tree utilization, creation of forest related employment, and stakeholder diversity.  The grant was awarded and work began on January 25.

The projects provide training and assist local businesses develop, produce, and market small diameter timber projects that result from forest thinning operations. For the Gatton’s Park project, the Grant Soil and Water Conservation District who chose two contractors for the project. This project is part of pre-commercial thinning and has very small diameter product. This project will benefit local business Forest Wood Products which contributes to the local economy.

Forest Supervisor Adam Mendonca is the delegated authority, under 36 CFR 223.2, for this forest and has been given the authority to allow removal of timber product up to a specified dollar amount.

Fuelwood permits can be purchased at any of our district offices for $10/cord with a minimum of two (2) cords. The Gila NF has 19 fuelwood cutting areas which include four (4) green wood areas and two (2) free use areas. Specifically, the Wilderness RD has two (2) wood cutting areas within five (5) miles of the Gatton’s Park project – North Star Green Firewood Area and the McKnight Firewood Area. The forest has a Fuelwood Guide which is available at all our district offices. The guide is updated annually and is available both in English and Spanish. The forest can also email a pdf copy of the guide upon request.

For more information on CFRP https://www.fs.usda.gov/detail/r3/workingtogether/grants/?cid=FSBDEV3_022022. For information on the Gila National Forest, check out our website at http://www.fs.usda.gov/gila or join the conversation on Facebook at www.facebook.com/GilaNForest/ or follow us on Twitter @GilaNForest.