A Reminder about the Travel Management Rule on the Gila National Forest

Silver City, NM, March 11, 2019— The Travel Management Rule (TMR) has been in effect on all six ranger districts of the Gila National Forest since January 1, 2017. The TMR is mandated across all national forests and prohibits motor vehicle use off designated routes and roads.

The motor vehicle use map (MVUM) is the legal document displaying the roads, trails, and areas open to motor vehicle use of the forest. The MVUM is the key to understanding each district’s motorized transportation system and can be used in conjunction with the visitor map to determine which roads are open, and how far you are allowed to drive off of the road. The MVUM is free of charge, and is available at all six ranger stations and digitally at: https://www.fs.usda.gov/detailfull/gila/maps-pubs/?cid=FSEPRD586426&width=full.

Just a reminder, Forest Service law enforcement officers and local natural resource conservation officers will be patrolling and enforcing the rule. Violations of the TMR may result in a law enforcement action.

For information on the Gila National Forest, check out our website at http://www.fs.usda.gov/gila or join the conversation on Facebook at www.facebook.com/GilaNForest/ or follow us on Twitter @GilaNForest.