Update on Temporary Closure of the Catwalk National Recreation Area


Glenwood, NM, March 18, 2019 — On March 11, 2019 the Gila National Forest implemented a temporary closure order for the Catwalk National Recreation Area. The reasoning behind this temporary closure was for public safety.

The Whitewater Creek currently does not have a streamflow monitor, but the USGS Current Conditions for Streamflow is indicating that stream flow discharge rate is 30-40 cubic feet/second (CF/S) and the flow is normally below 5 CF/S.  The water in this area is coming from the western slopes of the Mogollon range which has received quite a bit of snow this winter. In addition, the last crossing into the Catwalk’s parking lot is in a streamflow channel, and the water brings down a lot of sand, gravel, and other forms of large debris.

The Glenwood Ranger District is visually monitoring the water flow and the USGS Current Conditions for Streamflow. The weather predictions for the upcoming week includes scattered showers and thunderstorms which could contribute to the snow pack melting and add more water to the streams. Once the Gila National Forest is assured that the Catwalk Recreation Area can be entered safely, the temporary closure can be lifted.

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