Gila National Forest closing Developed Recreation Sites

Silver City, NM, March 24, 2020 -- The Gila National Forest has begun the orderly closing of developed recreation sites to protect public health and safety and align with state and local measures already in place to contain the COVID-19 outbreak. The following closed sites and/or restrooms are listed by ranger district:

Black Range Ranger District          575-894-6677

Beaverhead Picnic Area Restroom                                           

Restroom at CDNST Trailhead - NM Hwy 59

Wolf Hollow Campground                     

Kingston Campground

Emory Pass Vista Observation Site Restroom                          

Restroom at Monument Park Cabin

Restroom at Forest Boundary Kiosk - NM Hwy 59

Glenwood Ranger District             575-539-2481

Big Horn Campground                                                           

Cosmic Campground

Cottonwood Campground                                                      

Pueblo Park Campground            

Restroom at Aldo Leopold Vista Observation Site              

Restroom at Sandy Point Trailhead

Restroom at San Francisco Hot Springs Trailhead               

Restroom at Glenwood RD parking lot

Catwalk Recreation Area - including Whitewater Picnic Area and Catwalk NRT #207

Quemado Ranger District              575-773-4678

Armijo Springs Campground                                                       

Restroom at Cove Fishing Site

El Caso Campgrounds 1, 2, 3, 4                                                  

Head of the Ditch Campground

Juniper Campground                                                                     

Piñon Campground

Restroom at Quemado Lake Spillway                                          

Valle Tio Vinces Horse Camp      

Reserve Ranger District  575-533-6232

Aeroplane Mesa Campground                                                   

Apache Creek Campground

Ben Lilly Campground                                                                   

Dipping Vat Campground

Restroom at Snow Lake Fishing Site                                         

Willow Creek Campground

Restroom at Willow Creek Trailhead

Silver City Ranger District              575-388-8201

Restroom at Big Tree Trailhead                                                 

Cherry Creek Campground

Restroom at Dragonfly Trailhead                                              

Gomez Peak Group Picnic Site

Restroom at Gomez Peak Trailhead                                         

Iron Creek Campground

Little Walnut East and West Group Picnic Site                     

Little Walnut Picnic Site

McMillan Campground                                                                 

Railroad Canyon Campground

Restroom at Mogollon Box Day Use Area                              

Upper Gallinas Campground

Restroom at Gila River Bird Area

Wilderness Ranger District            575-536-2250

Restroom at Clinton P. Anderson Overlook                          

Forks Campground

Grapevine Campground                                                               

Restroom at Lake Roberts Boat Launch and Dock

Lake Roberts Picnic Area                                                              

Lower Scorpion Campground

Lower Black Canyon Campground                                            

Restroom at MeOwn Trailhead

Mesa Campground                                                                         

Restroom at Middle Fork Trailhead

Rocky Canyon Campground                                                        

Sapillo Group Campground

Restroom at TJ Corral Trailhead                                                

Upper Black Canyon Campground            

Upper End Campground                                                               

Upper Scorpion Campground

Restroom at Vista Village Interpretive Site                           

Restroom at Woody's Corral Trailhead

Restroom at the Wilderness Ranger District parking lot

For information on the Gila Cliff Dwellings National Monument, check their website at or calling them at 575-536-9461.


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