Campfire Ban Lifted on Gila National Forest

Silver City, NM, July 23, 2020--For Immediate Release. With the onset of monsoon season, the campfire ban for the Gila National Forest has been rescinded.  This means that visitors to the forest may have a campfire.  Fire Danger is now moderate. 

In spite of the rain and increased humidity, Gila National Forest officials remind visitors to always practice fire safety and practice self-patrolling. "Fire safety is everyone's responsibility," said Gabe Holguin, Gila NF Fire Management Officer. He added, "Please be extremely cautious with any activity that may cause a wildfire."

Please follow these campfire guidelines:    

  • Clear all flammable material away from the fire for a minimum of five feet in all directions.
  • Make a fire only if you have a shovel and sufficient water to put it out.
  • Have a responsible person in attendance at all times.
  • Never leave your campfire unattended.
  • Avoid making a campfire during the windy part of the day.
  • To make sure your campfire is out, drown with water and stir with dirt, making sure all burned materials are extinguished. Feel with your hand to make sure it’s out cold.

Every campfire will be put DEAD OUT before leaving it.

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