Forest Products

Permits for forest products are available from district offices. Please contact a ranger district for up-to-date information. Many permits can now be purchased over the phone from your local ranger district.

Edible Material

Pinon tree with coneGathering pinon nuts is a local tradition on the Gila National Forest. No permit is required to gather up to one (1) bushel of pinon nuts for personal use.

Decorative Material

Pine cones, greenery (pine boughs, etc.), and dry agave/yucca/century plant stalks are covered under this category. Permits are required and available from the local district office


Sand, gravel, and decorative rock permits may be obtained from various pre-approved areas on the forest with a personal use permit. These permits are free, however, material may only be removed from specific areas.

Permits are not generally required for non-commercial personal use (recreational) metal detecting, rock collecting (hounding), gold panning (dry wash or manual pan, not using any type of powered equipment, such as a sluice or dredge). Digging in the forest for any purpose is not permitted.


Cactus in flower

Permits are required to remove vegetative material from the forest. These permits may be obtained from any of our six ranger district offices. Permit amounts vary depending on forest products and quantities taken.


Plant Removal (Wilding Permit)

Permits that cover the removal of live plants are available year-round. These permits cover such things as agave stalks, yucca, cacti and other growing plants.

Woody Materials

Christmas tree permits

Permits are usually available from mid-November until Christmas Eve. A permit is required for each tree cut and removed from National Forest System land. The pinon tree permit is free; any other species are $5.00 per tree. Non-traditional holiday season trees (century plant, agave, and yucca stalks) may be obtained with a Decorative Material permit.

Christmas tree permits can be purchased online at


Personal fuelwood cutting permits are $2.00 per cord with a minimum purchase of $20.00.  Firewood permits are available year-round.

2021 Gila National Forest Firewood Guide

2020 Gila National Forest Firewood Guide

Poles, Vigas and Other Material

Permits to cut posts, poles, vigas and other materials for personal use are available throughout the year. Permit costs relate to the quantity, dimensions and type of material needed.