Winter Road Closures on the Green Mountain National Forest

A line of snowmobiles travel along a snow covered forested road on a clear, blue sky day.

Each winter, the Green Mountain National Forest closes Forest Roads to vehicle traffic from December 15th until May. While vehicle access is restricted during this time, these roads double as snowmobile, snowshoeing and Nordic skiing trails in the winter months. These roads close each winter on the North and South Zones of the Green Mountain National Forest (GMFL). 

GMFL North Zone Winter Closures

  • FR 61 (Smith Brook)
  • FR 62 (Thresher Hill)
  • FR 24, 24A, 24B (Moosalamoo Campground and Voter Brook)
  • FR 224 (Romance Header)
  • FR 54 (Natural Turnpike)
  • FR 59 (Steam Mill)
  • FR 412 (Lefferts Pond Access)
  • FR 68 (Cobb Hill)
  • FR 202 (French Settlement)
  • FR 95 (Dragon Brook)
  • FR 45 (Chittenden Brook Rd)
  • FR 25 (Austin Brook)
  • Warren Falls Parking Lot

GMFL South Zone Winter Closures

  • White Rocks Picnic Area)
  • FR6 (Kelley Stand)
  • FR10 (Tabor-Landgrove)
  • FR71 (Somerset Res.)
  • FR273 (Prospect Mtn)
  • FR72 (Red Mill)
  • FR74 (Aiken)
  • FR73 (Camp Casino)