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Image of: a mountain peak in winter Image of surface water of reservoir with backdrop of pinnacles Image of GHunnison River through the gorge Image of Grand Mesa from aerial view Image of close up of clear water in ice lake Image of stream in winter, banks with snow Image of water running over mossy rock Image of red muddy water in river Image of girl crossing creek on rock jam Image of red muddy river water below a brige:xxx Image of valley from on top of the Grand Mesa/Crest trail Image of grass banked irrigatin ditch Image of boats on large reservoir Image of aerial view of rocky peaks with snow Image of trail and pines in deep snow Image of aerial view of town of Telluride Image of aerial view of town of Telluride Image of toddler drinking from hose Image of toddler drinking from hose Image of irrigation ditch through corn field Image of ames power plant building Image of sign for ames power plant Image of water fall Image of cutthroat trout in hand Image of kayaker in big wave Image of girl running into a  pond Image of group of ressource specialists by creek Image of fish biologist taking stream flow measurements Image of pond in open meadow with forest in background Image of forester standing next to newly planted pine sapling Image of a stream with sage embankements Image of two men looking over a topographic map Image of wave at a river rapid Image of people looking at vegetation transect Image of a droplet of water Image of 2 hikers, with a baby in pack and two dogs Image of a group of people on ATV's Image of logging truck carrying logs in winter Image of Forest service hydrologist showing test tube to group of children Image of a young boy with arms stretched out smiling under a waterfall

phot on bridge lookingupstream 30 feet wide  mountain creek

 “When I look at all the things our national forests provide in Colorado, none is more important than water. Without an adequate supply of clean water we could not enjoy the recreational opportunities, abundant fruits and vegetables, open space and the rural lifestyle we all cherish,” (Charlie Richmond, Forest Supervisor, Grand Mesa Uncompahgre and Gunnison National Forest).


No Forests - No Rivers  (views by the Forest Hydrologist)



mom with child on back walking along lake


Celebrating Colorado's Water  - Opportunities for Conservation Education




photo of a wet meadow with standing water

Inventory of Fens in a Large Landscape of West-Central Colorado  (April 2012)

Watershed Condition Framework

The GMUG National Forest's Watershed Condition Class and Prioritization Information