Smokey rewards wildfire prevention

Smokey's message "Only you can prevent wildfires" has helped reduce the number of acres burned annually by wildfires to an average of 6.9 million acres today, from about 22 million acres when the campaign was introduced 69 years ago.  The new "huggable " Smokey image is a shift from a somber authoritarian character to one of positive reinforcement. It is meant to better relate to young people (particularly those ages 18 to 34 ) but still maintain the seriousness of the issue of fire prevention. So if you can demonstrate you know how to help prevent wildfires, you are likely to get a hug from the big brown bear!

With more and more people living or moving closer to wilderness areas in the exurbs, keeping up that awareness of Smokey is so important! Check out the NEW Smokey in these videos!

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