Current Forest Plan, Amendments and Monitoring Reports

Summary of the current plan amendments and environmental compliance (PDF,30 kb).

1991 Final Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement for the Amendment of the Land and Resource Management Plan

  • Part A - cover, table of contents, summary, text pages through IV-24   525.pdf  (11.2 mb)
  • Part B - pages IV-25 through VI-144  526.pdf  (14.5 mb)
  • Part C - pages VI-145 through C-11   527.pdf  (12.5 mb)
  • Part D - pages C-12 through end of volume   528.pdf  (4.8 mb)
  • Amended Record of Decision   529.pdf  (4.8 mb)

1991 Plan Amendment

Amended Management Plan

  • Part A - cover, table of contents, text pages through III-71   592.pdf  (10.2 mb)
  • Part B - pages III-72 through H-9   593.pdf  (6.9 mb)
  • Part C - pages H-10 through end of volume   594.pdf  (2.1 mb)

Amended Management Plan -Maps

  • Timber Management Amendment Map 1(Grand Mesa)   596.pdf  (2.9 mb)
  • Timber Management Amendment Map 2 Front(Uncompahgre North)   597.pdf  (2.7 mb)
  • Timber Management Amendment Map 2 Back (Uncompahgre South)   598.pdf  (3.2 mb)
  • Timber Management Amendment Map 3 Front(Gunnison East)   599.pdf  (4.0 mb)
  • Timber Management Amendment Map 3 Back (Gunnison West)  600.pdf  (4.5 mb)
  • Timber Management Amendment Map Roadless Areas - East 601.pdf  (4.5 mb)
  • Timber Management Amendment Map Roadless Areas - West  307.pdf  (12.7 mb)

Oil and Gas Leasing Plan Amendment - 1993

Amendment (3/2) Oil & Gas Leasing Analysis amends the Forest Plan to designate 951,450 acres of the Forest with high and moderate oil & gas potential as available or not available for leasing. Those available for leasing are further divided into lands with standard lease, lands with no surface occupancy, lands with controlled surface use, and lands with timing limitations. Leasing availability on the remaining 2,001,736 acres of low oil & gas potential National Forest system lands will be determined on a case-by-case basis. The Amendment also changes a number of Forest Plan general direction, standards, and guidelines.

MIS Plan Amendment - 2005

This amendment revises the list of MIS species in the the 1983 Forest Plan (amended in 1991) and revises language in the Forest Direction and Standards and Guidelines for Management Areas, and the Monitoring Plan.

MIS or Management Indicator Species are “plant and animal species, communities, or special habitats selected for emphasis in planning, and which are monitored during forest plan implementation in order to assess the effects of management activities on their populations and the populations of other species with similar habitat needs which they may represent (FSM 2620.5). The GMUG Forest Plan has been amended with a revised MIS list to include the following species: Elk, Abert’s Squirrel, Brewers Sparrow, Northern Goshawk, Merriam’s Wild Turkey, Pine (American) Martin, Red-naped Sapsucker, and Common Trout.

Fire Use Plan Amendment - 2007

2007 Fire Use Forest Plan Amendment modifies fire management policies which will allow fire managers to manage certain lightning caused fires for resource benefits on the GMUG National Forest, if prescriptive conditions are met.

  • Decision Notice and Finding of No Significant Impact- Fire Use Plan Amendment - January 2007 (PDF, 55 kb)

Map - Considerations for Suitable Wildland Fire Use (PDF,673 kb)
Map - Lands Generally Suitable for Wildland Fire Use (PDF, 626 kb)

Energy Policy Act Plan Amendment - 2009

The Energy Policy Act (EPAct) of 2005 Section 368 Westwide Energy Corridors Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement (PEIS) and Record of Decision (March 4, 2009) amends forest plans for the Arapaho/Roosevelt, San Juan, Pike/San Isabel, Grand Mesa/Uncompahgre/Gunnison, and Medicine Bow/Routt National Forests to include one or more designated Section 368 corridors. The 368 corridors are the preferred location for rights-of-ways and special use authorizations for the development of future energy transportation projects on National Forest System (NFS) lands to locate oil, gas, and hydrogen pipelines, and electrical transmission and distribution facilities. The ROD also includes Interagency Operating Procedures (IOP), which are similar to Forest Plan standards. These designated corridors are defined by centerline, width, and compatible uses. The centerline is designated by the State map included as an appendix to the ROD. The width is defined in the ROD.

The Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement, Record of Decision, and Maps can be found at the following website: Westwide Energy Corridors

Forest Plan Monitoring Reports:

Comprehensive Assessments, Evaluation & 2007 Proposed Plan​:

Colorado Roadless Rule

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