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What's New: Thank you for your helpful feedback on the Working Draft!  

What's New: The Work Goes On

After the feedback you provided on the Working Draft last summer, we have spent the last year using that input - and more internal reviews - to improve the draft plan and to map out draft alternatives. Next up for the team is drafting the EIS so we can convey: what are the broad effects of the draft plan and alternatives?

In light of today's challenges, we remain committed to making strong progress on the Plan Revision, and we'll do our best to get a Draft EIS out for you to comment on this calendar year. In the meantime, we hope you find time and ways to get out and safely enjoy our public lands.

If you're just joining the conversation, please consider checking out the various steps and milestones in the table below, each of which has included opportunties for public engagement.  The best decisions will be made with input from all people who care about the GMUG, people like you. So please stay tuned for the next opportunity to lend your voice to this important process.

Thank you for your continued interest in plan revision!   

Forest Plan Roadmap- Plan Revision


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Proposed /Actual Completion Date

 Introductory Material and Other Helpful Resources  If you're just joining the conversation, please review these helpful resources to learn more about  plan revision and how you can participate.  June 2017 - Present
 Notice of Intent to Initiate Assessments

 Formal notification in the Federal Register of the beginning of the assessment of Forest resources for the Plan Revision.

 June 2017


 Evaluation of existing and relevant data and information to assess sustainability of social, economic and ecological resources within the plan area and a broader landscape. Beginning of public participation. Publication of assessments.

 Revised Draft Assessment Reports published March 2018

 Wilderness  The four-step wilderness process is a required component of plan revision. Each step will include opportunities for public involvement.

 Inventory initiated January 2018

 Notice of Intent to Revise the Forest Plan  Formal notification in the Federal Register to revise the land management plan. Initiates a public comment on the Proposed Action.  April 2018
 Scoping (including Need for Change, and other scoping materials)  The publication of the NOI will initiate the formal 30-day scoping period, highlighting the proposed action to revise the Forest Plan based on the the needs for change, which outline specific parts of the 1983 Forest Plan to be updated or supplemented in the revised plan. Feedback will be requested on these needs for change, which were originally included in each assessment, as well as on the draft Vision and Distinctive Roles and Contributions, and the management area framework.  Initiated March 2018
 Wild and Scenic Rivers  Of the three-step Wild and Scenic Rivers process, the first, Eligibility, is a required component of the plan revision process. Each step will include opportunities for public involvement.  Eligibility initiated February 2019
 Working Draft  This early version was published to provide an opportunity for the public to preview the working draft of the forest’s land management plan, engage in the revision process, and provide feedback. Released June 17, 2019

 Draft Alternatives and Draft EIS

 Publication of the draft plan, draft alternatives and a draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) that analyzes the effects upon the environment of each of the draft plan alternatives. Published for public comment.

 Late 2020

 Final EIS and Draft  Decision

 Based on public feedback on the Draft Plan and Draft EIS, publication of the Proposed Plan, Final EIS and Draft Decision.

 Summer 2021

 Objection Process

 Before the agency adopts the Proposed Plan as the new Forest Plan, the public may formally object to aspects of   the Draft Decision.

 Fall 2021

 Final Decision

 Made by Grand Mesa, Uncompahgre & Gunnison National Forests Supervisor

 Winter 2021

 Implementation and Monitoring

 Forest Service implements the Plan and begins on-going monitoring



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