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The Grand Mesa, Uncompahgre and Gunnison (GMUG) National Forests will implement multiple management actions within the Spruce Beetle Epidemic and Aspen Decline Management Response (SBEADMR) Project. A maximum of 120,000 acres of National Forest System lands will be treated --60,000 acres by commercial treatment and 60,000 of noncommercial treatment.  Activities and accomplishments comprising the adaptive implementation and monitoring framework are described here. The adaptive management framework will be utilized over a multi-year timeframe (8-12 years).

The purpose of this website is to inform interested publics about SBEADMR and to keep them abreast on implementation of treatments, achievement of desired outcomes and findings from monitoring.  The website will be modified periodically as the project matures and more results become available.  One of the requirements of SBEADMR is the establishment of a Science Team which will lead to monitoring efforts.  This website will be one of the mechanisms for sharing monitoring results and how these data are being used in the adaptive implementation process.

As projects are planned this website will be periodically updated to reflect progress of project implementation.


Oppportunities for public input and involvement:

We want your feedback! Every year the Forest Service provides a public comment period (generally in the summer) to received feed back on various treatments and treatments areas. Please provide your input during this 30-day comment period. The link below provides write-ups and treatment maps for the FY2018 program of work. These specific treatments were identified in 2016 and were highlighted for the public during the annual SBEADMR Public Meeting held in February 2017. Public comment form  This is a word document, please save the form, insert your comments and email it to or mail to:

Clay Speas
GMUG National Forests
2250 South Main Street
Delta, CO 81416


Treatment Areas by Fiscal Year:

2017 SBEADMR Treatment Areas

2018 SBEADMR Treatment Areas

2019 SBEADMR Treatment Areas


Out Year Implementation Plans for Commercial/Non-Commercial Treatments

  • 2016 Plan - map
  • 2017 Plan- map
  • 2018 Plan- map


Related Science Studies and Published Reports

FY17 Science Team findings:
Research Proposal: Numerical response of snowshoe hares and red squirrels to changed forest structure resulting from spruce beetle outbreaks in southwest Colorado. (Jake Ivan)

Fiscal Year 2019 Stakeholder Meeting Bullets:


Fiscal Year 2018 Stakeholder Meeting Bullets:

This annual event provides an opportunity for the public to comment on planned activities for the FY (2018)

PowerPoint Presentations:


Fiscal Year 2017 Stakeholder Meeting Bullets:

PowerPoint Presentations: