Raber Cabin- A time to remember...


 Historic Photo

Historic photo of Raber Cabin taken circa 1948.

Raber Cabin History:
Raber Cow Camp was used by the Raber family from the 1930s until 1966. The cow camp was occupied during the summers when the family moved cattle from the nearby lowlands to the well-watered grasslands ontop of Grand Mesa. The cabin did not offer the cowboys and family electricity, natural gas, running water, or flushing toilets, but food refrigeration was available in a nearby creek. The cow camps on Grand Mesa were largely abandoned after the advent of better roads and modern transportation that allowed grazing permittees to travel up and down the mesa in a single day. Winifred Raber, who stayed at the cow camp every summer from the 1930s until 1966, has helped document the history of the camp. Some of her recollections and photographs are presented along a short interpretive trail that visitors can walk to learn about the cow camp’s history. The cabins were preserved in 1998 in partnership with the Colorado State Historic fund.

How To Get There:
From State Highway 65, turn southwest on the  Lands' End Road and drive approximately 5.2 miles. The Historic Stie is on the north side of the road which trends between the two cabins.

Rabers Cabin 1980s

Raber Cabin as it looks today.