Winter Recreation on the GMUG National Forest

Winter on GMUG National Forest

Opportunities for motorized and non-motorized winter recreation abound on the Grand Mesa, Uncompahgre and Gunnison National Forest. Each of the three national forests have various areas open for non-motorized recreation and motorized winter travel. Restrictions do exist, so please plan ahead and be familiar with the area before you go.

Over-snow vehicles (OSV's) are any motorized vehicle designed or modified for use "over the snow" and are permitted in the same way as a snowmobile.  This means ATV's and motorcycles with snow tracks/skis may use maintained snowmobile routes, and they may ride cross-country where OSV's are permitted by the travel plans and authorizations (below). Wheeled vehicles of any kind are not considered OSV's and are not permitted to travel cross-country.  Such use is a travel violation.

Uncompahgre National Forest 

Grand Mesa National Forest

Gunnison National Forest

Winter Recreation around Crested Butte - This brochure described various winter recreation activities delineated on a map within the surrounding Crested Butte area, and provides tips for winter safety and tread lightly. (Map, Winter Travel Tips)

Seasonal Area Closures (Closure Map) are in effect to protect wildlife in the following areas:

  • Flat Top Mountain - December 1- May 15
  • Almont Triangle - December 1- June 15

Winter Travel Restrictions- To Prevent conflicts of winter uses, over snow motor vehicles are restricted on certain roads and trails within the following areas (please refer to Forest Orders and maps)

Winter Travel Analysis Documents

More information on winter snow trails, snowmobiling areas and other recreation opportunities on the GMUG National Forest!

Know before you go!  Avalanche Information