New Firewood Harvest Area Open to the Public

Contact(s): Kimberlee Phillips 970-874-6717, Dylan Peters 970-874-6625

The Grand Mesa, Uncompahgre and Gunnison (GMUG) National Forests’ Norwood Ranger District has opened a firewood harvest area of ponderosa pine on the Uncompahgre National Forest’s Plateau Division.

The felled and decked ponderosa pine trees are available to the public for personal firewood harvesting and require the purchase of a 2018 Forest Service Fuelwood Permit. The decks are located in the Horsefly Project area on National Forest System Road (NFSR) 537 (Horsefly Trail Road) off the NFSR 530 (Sanborn Park Road), approximately 20 miles northeast of Norwood and 30 miles southwest of Montrose. The decks are located on a temporary road, only accessible to those that hold a valid Forest Service Fuelwood Permit.

A valid Fuelwood Permit must be in the physical possession of any person harvesting firewood from National Forest System lands. Permits may be purchased at the Norwood Ranger District Office in Norwood and the Ouray Ranger District Office in Montrose. The minimum permit purchase is 4 cords for $20 and the maximum is 10 cords for $50, per household. Personal use firewood cannot be sold.

The Horsefly Project area was implemented in partnership with the Mule Deer Foundation as a continuation of the Sanborn Park Treatment Project to reduce the potential for severe wildfires along the wildland-urban interface. As a result, the project area has reduced wildfire fuel loading, increased vegetation diversity and improved wildlife habitat.

Forest visitors are also encouraged to “Know Before You Go,” by calling the local ranger station for forest and road conditions, along with regulations and current fire restrictions.

For more information on Fuelwood Permits visit our website at:

Removing any timber, tree, or another forest product is prohibited by 36 CFR 261.6(h) except as authorized by special use authorization, timber sale contract, federal law, or regulation.