GMUG National Forest Road Conditions

High snow banks on either side of road side of road

Seasonal road closures are common on the GMUG National Forests. The U.S. Forest Service closes roads seasonally for many reasons. Some roads are closed because they are not passable due to snow, snow drifts and ice or to protect the road bed. Closed areas are open to foot traffic unless otherwise noted. Extreme damaging weather events can also temporarily close roads for safety concerns.

Be aware that the GMUG National Forests only maintains and operates National Forest System roads.  Many roads on or near National Forests are operated and maintained by other local, state, or federal agencies.  

Current Conditions -

Grand Valley Ranger District (Grand Mesa, Northern Uncompahgre Plateau and Fruita Division)-

  • Road and Gate Status Report as of 06/12/2024
  • Gates are open during the summer, fall and winter months. They are closed during the spring when the snow begins to melt and will be opened as weather permits. Once all gates are opened for the season, the report will not be updated until the next spring season.
  • Grand Mesa Real Time Road Conditions via COtrip.
  • Please call ahead to check conditions based on the weather: (970) 242-8211

Ouray and Norwood Ranger Districts (Southern Uncompahgre Plateau and Uncompahgre Mountain Division)-

  • District has not made a report available please call 970-240-5300 (Ouray Ranger District) or 970-327-4261 (Norwood Ranger District) for updates.
  • Please call ahead to check conditions based on the weather.

Paonia Ranger District (North Fork Valley and Northern Gunnison)-

  • District has not made a report available please call (970) 527-4131 for updates.
  • Please call ahead to check current conditions based on the weather. 

Gunnison Ranger District-

  • District has not made a report available please call (970) 641-0471 for updates.
  • Gate opening dates are prescribed by travel management. If resource conditions warrant, gates may be open sooner.
  • Please contact the Gunnison Ranger District for more information.

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