North Shenandoah Mountain Restoration and Management Project

The USDA Forest Service, the public, communities, and partners have been working together to identify forest restoration and management opportunities on the North Shenandoah Mountain Restoration and Management Project in Rockingham County, Virginia and Pendleton County, West Virginia. The project will improve watershed conditions, wildlife habitats, and forest health.


The Central Appalachians Fire Learning Network put together an excellent slide program entitled "A Decade of Monitoring in the Heart of the Appalachians" that presents photos, vegetation monitoring, and avian monitoring results from a collaborative partnership of federal, state and private ownerships (including The Nature Conservancy). This presentation highlights some of the desired conditions in the NSM we are hoping to achieve through the use of prescribed fire.


Where Are We Now?  June 4, 2018

We will have a public meeting on Tuesday, June 5, 2018 from 2pm-5pm at the Rockingham County Administration Center, Fire and Rescue Classroom C, 20 E. Gay Street, Harrisonburg, VA. Please see the following materials for more information:


Meeting Powerpoint Presentation

Project Overview Map

Slate Lick Working Area Map

Mitchell Knob/Camp Run Working Area Map

German River Working Area Map

Feltz Ridge/Leading Ridge Working Area Map

Blue Hole/Grove Hollow Working Area Map


Where Have We Been?  Scoping in Fall 2017

The North River Ranger District sent out a scoping letter that describes the existing conditions and proposed activities to move the landscape toward the desired conditions in the 2014 George Washington National Forest Land and Resource Management Plan. We are asking for your input and comments by NOVEMBER 6, 2017. 

Compilation of Scoping Comments, by Topic Area

Scoping Letter NOTE:  We extended the comment period until November 6, 2017

Appendix A, Map 1-Prescriptions Map and Working Areas

Appendix A, Map 2-Slate Lick/Cross Mountain Working Area

Appendix A, Map 3-Mitchell Knob/Camp Run Working Area

Appendix A, Map 4-Feltz Ridge/Leading Ridge Working Area

Appendix A, Map 5-German River Working Area

Appendix A, Map 6-Blue Hole/Grove Hollow Working Area

REVISED Appendix A, Map 6-Blue Hole/Grove Hollow Working Area with Rocky Spur EA Units Shown

Appendix A, Map 7-West Side Project Area Note: the legend is missing a label for the dark grey units. They represent the harvest units that were previously approved in the June 20, 2016 Decision Notice for the West Side Project.

Appendix A, Map 8-Priority Watersheds and Road Decommissioning

Appendix B - Description of Road Decommissioning Options

Appendix C - Descriptions of Silvicultural Treatments

Other Resources

Recreation and Trails

Aquatic, Riparian and Watershed Resources

Vegetation, Wildlife Habitat and Forest Health

Photos of the Project Area