Special Places Overview

In addition to the abundant recreational opportunities the George Washington and Jefferson National Forests provide, there are several areas that are recognizable on a national level.  Each of the following areas are unique in their own regard, and have received a national designation.  These are some of the Special Places on the George Washington and Jefferson National Forests:

Appalachian Trail

Appalachian TrailThe Appalachian Trail is America's footpath and the first National Scenic Trail.  First envisioned in 1921, and first completed by citizen volunteers in 1937, the "A.T." has been a.... more




Mount Rogers National Recreation Area

Mount Rogers National Recreation AreaLocated in southwest Virginia, the Mount Rogers National Recreation Area (NRA) manages approximately 200,000 acres of National Forest land near Mount Rogers. The area features four.... more




Virginia Creeper Trail

Virginia Creeper TrailThe Virginia Creeper is a shared-use trail connecting Abingdon, Virginia, with the Virginia-North Carolina border 1.1 miles east of Whitetop Station, Virginia.  The total length of the trail is....more






Wilderness“Wilderness” is a word with widely different meanings to different people.  For the U.S. Forest Service, Wilderness refers to a designated area of national forest land established as....more