First Amendment Expression Areas

Outside facade of the supreme court building with tall white columns

The following areas have been designated as First Amendment Expression Areas. They have been set aside for individuals wishing to exercise their constitutional right of free speech. Individuals are free to exercise their First Amendment rights so long as they do not engage in unlawful activity or prevent Forest work from being conducted. The Forest Service neither encourages nor discourages, or otherwise endorses, these activities.

North River Ranger District: The grassy area between the front of the office building and Oakwood Drive, on the left of the entrance driveway.

James River/Warm Springs Ranger District: The grassy area under trees bordered by Forestry Road and marked parking spaces.

Glenwood-Pedlar Ranger District:  The grassy triangular area under the crab trees, bordered by Route 130, the parking lot and driveway/entrance road.

Lee Ranger District: The grassy circular flagpole island (opposite building entrance) and the paved area around it but not including any of the visitor parking lot.

Eastern Divide Ranger District: The upper half of northeast parking lot bordered by Southpark Drive.

Mount Rogers National Recreation Area: The grassy area at the rear of the building, bordered by parking spaces and the exit road, near the Appalachian Trail Partnership shelter.

Clinch Ranger District: The grassy area in front of the building where the portal sign is located, bordered by Park Avenue SW and signed visitor parking area.

Supervisor’s Office: The grassy area immediately on the right when entering the parking lot, bordered by Valleypointe Parkway and marked parking spaces, where the flagpole is located