Comments Received on the Draft Forest Plan and the Draft EIS

By the end of the comment period, we received a total of 598 letters, which will be coded individually.  We received an additional 53,638 comments through 24 separate campaigns of postcards, e-mails, and petitions, where each campaign (or form set) contains comments that are identical or very similar in nature. For each of those campaigns, we will code the main letter once and then code any additional comments submitted by individuals.

Immediately following the close of the comment period, we received an additional 7 letters, which we will consider as well.  However, only those submitting comments within the comment period of June 3 through October 17, 2011 will have appeal rights to the Final Plan and EIS. 

All of the letters have been assigned numbers and entered into an electronic database for coding each letter and analyzing the comments.

As you can expect, the letters cover a wide range of topics. The following two documents will help you identify the letter number for locating a particular letter. Letter numbers 2, 4, 163, 271 and 536 represent letters entered into the database twice so they will appear as "delete" in the lists.

Letters sorted by the Commentor(s)

Letters sorted by the Organization/Business/Agency


UPDATE: April 25, 2012

It has come to our attention that when we posted the comment letters on our website, the publication of people's e-mail addresses in their comments has led to scam e-mails being received by some of the commentors.  We apologize for the inconvenience that this has created for those who may have received spam e-mail as a result.  We have now removed all e-mail addresses and personal addresses from the comment letters and have re-posted them below.  However, in order to do that, we had to use 'optical character recognition' on many of the letters which has resulted in some font and format changes. 

The letters are organized in blocks of letters numbers. To find a particular letter, open the appropriate Adobe file and then open the 'bookmark' section on the left hand side. Each letter is bookmarked by letter number. You may have to save the document on your computer and open it from there to be able to see the bookmarks that show the letter numbers.

Letters 1 through 150

Letters 151 through 250

Letters 251 through 300

Letters 301 through 450

Letters 451 through 485

Letters 486 through 500

Letters 501 through 512

Letter 513

Letters 514 through 550

Letters 551 through 601, Letters 625 and 627

Letters Received After the Comment Period


The following are letter campaigns. For some of them, all submissions are within the file. However, due to the large numbers received in several of the campaigns, only one has been posted here as a representative.

Form Set 602 (National Wildlife Federation, 10,310 comments)

Form Set 603 (Sierra Club, 172 comments)

Form Set 604 (87 comments)

Form Set 605 (18 comments)

Form Set 606 (Environment Virginia, 483 comments)

Form Set 607 (Wild Virginia, 49 comments)

Form Set 608 (Virginia Conservation Network, 65 comments)

Form Set 609 (49 comments)

Form Set 610 (899 comments)

Form Set 611 (7 comments)

Form Set 612 (668 comments)

Form Set 613 (6 comments)

Form Set 614 (1,164 postcards)

Form Set 615 (five separate petitions, 450 signatures)

Form Set 616 (Chesapeake Climate Action Network, 809 comments)

Form Set 617 (18 signatures)

Form Set 618 (38 signatures)

Form Set 619 (23 signatures)

Form Set 620 (Natural Resources Defense Council, 36,485 comments)

Form Set 621 (47 comments)

Form Set 622 (47 comments)

Form Set 623 (37 comments)

Form Set 624 (48 comments)

Form Set 626 (659 comments)