Controlled Burn Scheduled for Thursday, April 11, Wise County, Va.

Contact(s): Michelle Davalos (276) 679-8370

Norton, Va. April 10, 2019- The USDA Forest Service plans to conduct a controlled burn on the Clinch Ranger District in Wise County on April 11 if weather conditions allow. 

Approximately 166 acres of the total 1,472 acre burn area is expected to be burned on Thursday. The area is located adjacent to and southwest of the Guest River Gorge, east of Highway 72, and approximately three miles south of Coeburn, VA. The burn area, including adjacent roads and trails, will be closed during the burn to provide for the safety of the firefighters and the public.

The controlled burn will only be ignited if wind speed and direction, temperature, and humidity conditions are right to ensure our goals of community safety and ecological restoration can be met. 

Weather conditions should disperse smoke rapidly, but residents of surrounding areas may see and smell light smoke, especially in the mornings and evenings.  

Firefighters will ignite the burn on the ground using handheld drip torches. 

The purpose of this controlled burn treatment is to:

Improve wildlife habitat
Encourage regeneration and growth of oak trees
Reduce the density of overgrown brush and small trees 
Reduce the risk of wildfire to surrounding communities

For more information, please contact the Clinch Ranger District office at (276) 679-8370.

View a map of the burn area.