Forest Service may conduct a prescribed burn in Bath county, Va this weekend

Contact(s): Theresa Tanner (540) 968-0849

Map of prescribed burns planned for the James River and Warm Springs Ranger Districts in 2021

Location:  The Hidden Valley area located three miles north of Warm Springs in Bath county, Va.

Date and Time of burn:  Fire Specialists plan to begin the burn on Sunday, Jan 24, 2021. The burn could include multiple smaller areas of grassy fields adding up to as much as 100 acres. The ignition-phase will be concluded before the end of the day.

Safety Information:  The Cobbler Mountain and Hidden Valley Trails, and Forest Road 241 may be temporarily closed. For your safety, please follow posted signs and trail closures when they occur.

Smoke may be visible along the US-220 and VA-39 corridors for the duration of the burn. Depending on wind direction, residents and travelers in these areas may see or smell smoke.

Additional Information: Prescribed burns improve wildlife habitat by restoring open woodlands and grasslands to the forest landscape. Safety is the Forest Service’s top priority, and Forest Service fire managers will conduct these prescribed burns only under appropriate weather conditions. Experienced fire managers will closely monitor local weather conditions, such as wind and humidity, and adjust the schedule as needed to ensure the safety of both crewmembers and local residents.