Forest Service to conduct prescribed burns for the Cobbler Mountain and Gold Wing Warbler areas in Bath County today

Contact(s): Theresa Tanner, 987-654-3210

Location:  The 540-acre Cobbler Mountain burn unit and the adjacent 82-acre Gold Wing Warbler burn are located on National Forest Service lands 4 miles northwest of Warm Springs, and north of Hidden Valley Road in Bath County. The Cobbler Mountain burn will be done in partnership with the Virginia Department of Forestry.  

Date and Time:  The Forest Service plans to begin ignitions on April 8, 2021, if weather conditions are appropriate.  These prescribed burns will be completed in one day.  Firefighters will continue to monitor the area for several days after the burn.    

Objectives:  Prescribed burns keep the public and homes safe by reducing the buildup of dried leaves and wood in nearby forest land that can lead to uncontrolled wildfires. They also create a mosaic of different aged trees and shrubs to improve wildlife habitat.  

Temporary Closures: Cobbler Mountain Trail (#611) may be temporarily closed. For your safety, please follow posted signs and closures when they occur. 

Smoke: The prescribed burn is expected to have lingering smoke effects in the Hot Springs, Warm Springs, Mountain Grove, and Minehaha Springs areas and along State Routes 39 and 220. Depending on wind direction, residents and travelers in these areas may see or smell smoke. 

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For more information on our prescribed burn program, please contact the Warm Springs Ranger District Office at 540-839-2521 or follow us on twitter: