Collecting Cones for Cash

Release Date: Sep 12, 2023

Gladstone, MI (September 12, 2023)—The Hiawatha National Forest is accepting cones that have been collected from the Upper Peninsula for purchase beginning October 1, 2023, and ending January 1, 2024, or when collection goals have been met. Species that will be purchased are white pine at $60 per bushel, red pine at $100 per bushel, and hemlock at $100 per gallon. Seeds collected from these cones will be used in replanting efforts on the forest.

Cones should be free of twigs, branches, needles, and other debris. Excessive amounts of debris will reduce the estimated volume of cones and lead to reduced payment. Cones should also be free of insect bore holes, and should be stored in a cool, dry place and be delivered as soon as possible after collection.

Cone collection can occur on Hiawatha National Forest lands. Maps of specific locations will not be provided. Collecting cones by cutting down trees or pruning branching is illegal on the Hiawatha National Forest. Lands under other jurisdictions, including state, county, and private lands, follow differing regulations and may require permission or permits. It is the responsibility of the collector to obtain necessary permissions. Collectors will need to identify the location where the cones were found, so keeping cones from varying locations in separate bags is highly recommended.

Collectors may earn up to $2499 per fiscal year (October 1-September 30). Payment is made using PayPal. To receive payment, collectors need to establish an account with PayPal prior to handing in the cones. Collectors also need access to the email address associated with the PayPayl account.

Please contact the Ranger District Offices and ask for the following individuals to schedule a drop-off or ask questions:

  • St. Ignace Ranger District Office- (906) 298-8120, Marjorie Allmaras
  • Munising Ranger District-  (909) 387- 2512, extension 1024 Jake Attebery, extension 1028 Steve Jastrzemski
  • Rapid River Ranger District- (906) 474-6442, extension 2130 James Kelling, extension 2124 Katelyn Blevins, extension 2143 Ally Crouch