Central Montana and Missouri River RACs now accepting project proposals

The Helena–Lewis and Clark National Forest invites interested parties to submit project proposals for consideration by both the Central Montana and Missouri River Resource Advisory Committees (RACs). Each RAC will consider proposals for projects that are on or provide substantial benefits to National Forest System lands. The Missouri River RAC will consider projects in Broadwater, Lewis and Clark, and Teton counties, while the Central Montana RAC will consider projects in Meagher and Judith Basin counties. The deadline to submit project proposals is February 3, 2020.

A variety of projects may be considered, including those focused on on–the–ground work related to watersheds, roads, trails, forest health, or weeds. Proposed projects may be considered for recommendations in the next several months or may be carried forward into a future year depending on a number of factors. Project proponents should work with a relevant Forest Service staff member on the unit where the project is proposed to ensure that the project is viable and meets the requirements of relevant state and federal laws. Along with ensuring that selected projects meet the legal requirements for project eligibility and necessary environmental analyses, RACs favor projects that align with Forest Service priority work, have community support, benefit multiple areas, have low administrative costs, and can leverage Title II funding with in–kind services and cash–matching.

Project proponents will be notified of the time and location of RAC meetings where project proposals will be considered. Proponents are encouraged to attend these meetings and be prepared to answer questions regarding their proposed projects. These meeting are also open to the general public.

Important Documents

How to Submit a Project Proposal

Project proposal forms should be submitted electronically to Dave Cunningham, RAC Coordinator at dave.cunningham@usda.gov by the deadline (February 3, 2020). Individuals are encouraged to submit their proposals as soon as possible. It is the responsibility of the proponent to coordinate with Forest Service staff and all other partners prior to submitting the proposal to ensure it is comprehensive and complete.


Funding and administration for the RACs is provided under the authority of the Secure Rural Schools and Self–Determination Act (Title II). RACs recommend projects that benefit National Forest System lands in particular counties, using federal funds allocated to the counties under this law. Each RAC has 15 volunteer members, and three alternate members, who are appointed by the Secretary of Agriculture and serve a four-year term. Click here to learn more.

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