Plant Biodiversity Flickr Set

Picture of Wildflowers on the Helena National Forest: Arnica, Indian Paintbrush, and BluebellsGlacier lily, little larkspur, shooting star, and indian paintbrush, among many other spring ephemerals, once again blanket the ground as winter transitions into spring.  Arnica, lupine, bluebells, wild geraniums and paintbrush emerge as spring transitions into warmer weather, as shown in the photograph.

Learning about the rich biodiversity of the ecosystems around the Forest and world can help us better understand the biological connections amongst organisms, including plants, pollinators, other animals, and the forest as a whole.  Species extinction is an ever-increasing concern as plant species must endure immense pressure from habitat destruction, invasive species, and over-harvesting.  Through education in our local communities on the importance of biodiversity, we have a chance of sustaining our natural environment for future generations.

Enjoy our photo collection representing plant biodiversity on the Helena National Forest - plants common and special throughout the west central Montana mountains!

The Plant Biodiversity Flickr Album

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