Have You Seen Me?

Together the Helena National Forest and Montana Discovery Foundation are launching a new citizen-science project called Have You Seen Me and we need YOUR help!

We need you to be our citizen scientists and help us report sightings of some special wildlife and plant species across the Forest! The information that you provide will help Forest scientists with data collection that can then be used for all sorts of purposes including resource and habitat management, project development and much more!


To help get you started, we have a list of species that we want to hear about most; but, if you see other special species, go ahead and report that, too! After you review the Have You Seen Me species poster, the next step is to get ready, go outside and report what you see!! Have You Seen Me program materials are available at Forest campgrounds, trailheads, and District offices.

Reporting is easy! Below are two ways to report what you see: 

  • Fill out and mail back the Have You Seen Me data-collection postcard

...or, better yet...

  • If you have a smartphone, download the iNaturalist app from either iTunes or the Android Store. (You will need to create a free on-line profile for iNaturalist and look for the Helena National Forest EOL Project to join.)  Then, when you are able to snap a photo of the species, you can report it directly to iNaturalist and we will collect the data. One big advantage to us is that all photos taken with your smartphone are geo-referenced, meaning you don’t need to report your specific location because the location is saved as part of the image file.

Get out in the woods and start collecting observations! Please join up, make observations, and let us know what you think.


For questions or more information contact Kathy Bushnell at the Helena National Forest office at 406-495-3747.


Have You Seen Me Species Poster

Have You Seen Me Data Collection Postcard

Have You Seen Me iNaturalist Site