Proposed Action – Revised Forest Plan

The proposed action has been developed based on the Assessment of the Helena and Lewis & Clark National Forest (HLC NF),  the Need to Change, the Desired Conditions, and the public comments we have heard over the past two years –through community conversations, letters, phone calls, meetings, and more. Public comments were vital in developing the proposed action and associated appendices.

The comment period for the proposed action began on December 1, 2016 when the Notice of Intent was published in the Federal Register. The comment period lasted for 120 days and closed on March 31, 2017. You can review the comments received. Thank you for your continued interest in the revision process.

The proposed action is comprised of several documents (see below). As part of the revision process, the 2012 Planning Rule requires the Forest Service to identify and evaluate lands that may be suitable for inclusion in the National Wilderness Preservation System (appendix F) and identify eligible rivers for inclusion into the National Wild and Scenic Rivers System (appendix G).


  1. Following the release of the proposed action, some publics asked if they could see the proposed recommended wilderness area maps in greater detail, rather than how they were displayed in the geographic area maps in Appendix B. This link will take you to those maps.

    Detailed Maps of the Nine Proposed Recommended Wilderness (RW) Areas
  2. Since the release of the proposed action, an error has been identified in the timber section of the plan, specifically the volume estimated for the Sustained Yield Limit. This, along with public questions, highlighted the need to provide a correction and additional clarifying information to assist reviewers in understanding the timber components. Therefore, an additional document has been posted on the Forest Plan Revision website titled, “Clarification and Errata Corrected for Timber Components in the Proposed Action”. You may find this document at the link below:

    Clarification and Errata Corrected for Timber Components in the Proposed Action