Lincoln Ranger District Prepares for Fall Prescribed Burning

LINCOLN, MONT., September 6, 2018—The Lincoln Ranger District of the Helena-Lewis and Clark National Forest is preparing to conduct prescribed burning in the Ogden Mountain area and Poorman Creek area this fall, when weather conditions become favorable. Burning will begin as weather and fuel conditions allow and will continue into late fall and early winter. 

The Helmville Face Wildlife Enhancement Project is located in the Ogden Mountain area. Multiple units are planned to be treated this fall, totaling 335 acres. This project is a joint effort between the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation and the Helena- Lewis and Clark National Forest and is intended to enhance big game forage by reintroducing fire into a historically fire dominated ecosystem. These units are located approximately twelve miles west of Lincoln adjacent to Forest Service Road #1163, the Ogden Mountain Road.

The burning in the Poorman Creek area will consist of Ethel units 22, 23 and Crater unit 1. Unit 22 is located in Long Gulch and totals 120 acres. Unit 23, located in Rochester Gulch, is comprised of approximately 540 acres and is also a joint project between the US Forest Service and the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation to enhance big game habitat.  Crater Unit 1 is located in the Crater Mountain area and is comprised of approximately 1101 acres. Treatment in the Crater Unit 1 area is intended to mitigate fuel hazards as well as bring back natural meadows to the area.

We are also continuing to burn piles created from the Roadside Hazard Reduction Project and firewood cutting activity. Existing burn piles may be treated in the following areas: Flesher Pass, Stemple Pass, Fool Hen, Marsh Creek, Page Gulch, Crater Mountain, and South Fork of Poorman Creek. All of these piles are located next to roads throughout the Lincoln Ranger District. 

All burning will be conducted under the terms and conditions of a permit from the Montana State Department of Environmental Quality, which includes requirements to minimize the impacts of smoke to the public. Ignition will take place only if operational safety, air quality parameters, weather and fuel moisture conditions can be attained.

For more information on this burning project plan, please contact the Lincoln Ranger District at 406-362-7000.




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