Helena-Lewis and Clark National Forest to move back into Stage 1 fire restrictions

Release Date: Aug 26, 2021

HELENA, Mont., Aug. 26, 2021 –The Helena-Lewis and Clark National Forest will return to Stage 1 fire restrictions across the forest starting at 12:01 a.m. on Saturday, August 28.  The Forest is currently under Stage 2 fire restrictions and has been since July 31.

“Recent rains have helped reduce fire danger levels on the forest,” said Acting Forest Supervisor Sara Mayben. “We remain at the highest National Preparedness Level of 5 and continue to urge folks to do their part to help reduce the number of human-caused fires on public lands in Montana especially while firefighting resources are so limited.”

National Preparedness Level 5 is the highest National Preparedness Level.  At this level, the majority of firefighting resources are committed due to the large amount of wildland fire activity throughout the country. 

Under Stage 1 fire restrictions, campfires are only permitted in existing, Forest Service provided, metal rings at the following locations:  


Belt Creek- White Sulphur Springs Ranger District:                                           

  • Aspen Campground 
  • Kings Hill Campground
  • Many Pines Campground
  • Logging Creek Campground
  • Jumping Creek Campground
  • Moose Creek Campground
  • Grasshopper Campground


Judith-Musselshell Ranger District:

  • Dry Wolf Campground
  • Crystal Lake Campground
  • Hay Canyon Campground
  • Thain Creek Campground
  • Spring Creek Campground


Rocky Mountain Ranger District:

  • Benchmark Campground
  • Cave Mountain Campground
  • Double Falls Campground
  • Elko Campground
  • Home Gulch Campground
  • Mill Falls Campground
  • Mortimer Gulch Campground
  • South Fork Sun Campground
  • Summit Campground
  • Beaver Creek Campsite
  • Van Deriet Campground
  • West Fork Campground
  • Wood Lake Campground
  • Wood Lake Picnic Area
  • West Fork Cabin
  • Ford Creek Ranch
  • Kenck Cabin
  • Benchmark Wilderness Ranch
  • Sun Canyon Lodge
  • 7 Lazy P Guest Ranch


Townsend Ranger District:

  • Gipsy Lake Campground (* currently in fire closure area)
  • Skidway Campground
  • Bar Gulch Cabin
  • Eagle Guard Cabin
  • Rillway Cabin
  • Thompson Guard Station (* currently in fire closure area)
  • Miller Cabin (* currently in fire closure area)
  • Gipsy Day Use (* currently in fire closure area)
  • Deep Creek Picnic Area (* added after press release was sent)


Lincoln Ranger District:

  • Alice Creek Trailhead/Day Use Area
  • Aspen Grove Campground
  • Pine Grove Campground
  • Blackfoot Canyon Campground
  • Copper Creek Campground
  • Granite Butte Lookout
  • Indian Meadows Guard Station
  • Cummings Cabin
  • Nevada Creek Cabin


Helena Ranger District:

  • Coulter Campground
  • Kading Campground
  • Moose Creek Campground
  • Park Lake Campground
  • Vigilante Campground
  • Cromwell-Dixon Campground
  • Indian Flats Cabin
  • Strawberry Lookout Cabin
  • Kading Cabin
  • Moose Creek Cabin
  • Meriwether Picnic Area
  • Park Lake Day Use Area
  • Ten Mile Picnic Area


Visitors may use devices that are fueled solely by liquid petroleum or LPG fuels that can be turned on and off, but only within an area that is barren or cleared of flammable materials within three feet of the device. Fireworks, explosives, and exploding targets are never allowed on federal lands in Montana.

Visit: www.mtfireinfo.org  to learn more about fire restrictions in your area.  Follow up on Facebook @HLCNF or our Twitter @LewisandClarkNF for the latest updates.




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