Indian and Celina Lakes Watchable Wildlife Sites


wildlife.gif (679 bytes) This site is around two clear lakes nestled in the wooded hills of the Hoosier National Forest. Roads and trails through the native hardwood forest mixed with pine provide excellent wildlife viewing opportunities.

Woodland songbirds are common in this area. Winter viewing is especially good in the pine plantations. There is a high probability of seeing deer along the roads and trails, and beside the lakes in early morning. Hawks and turkey vultures are often seen soaring above the lakes. Bald egles and osprey are seen occasionally perched in shoreline trees during winter. Hike the trails in April and May to see an abundance of spring wildflowers.

The 12 mile Two Lakes Loop Hiking Trail traverses the area. 

Vicinity Map for Indian and Celina Lakes, located approximately 3 miles south of I-64 and the community of St Croix:

Lakes.gif (9774 bytes)


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