Celebrating Wildflowers

The national forests, national parks, national wildlife refuges, grasslands, and millions of acres of public lands are truly America's wildflower gardens. Celebrating Wildflowers, a collaborative commemoration between the Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management, Fish and Wildlife Service, and the National Park Service promotes the importance of conservation and management of native plants and plant habitats and emphasizes the aesthetic, recreational, biological, medicinal, and economic values of wildflowers.

Viewing Wildflowers on the Hoosier

The Hoosier has five sites recommended for wildflower viewing:

Wildflower Events

Southern Indiana harbors an amazing array of wildflowers, some native and some non-native. Each spring, the Hoosier hosts hikes with the Monroe and Brown County Wildflower Foray for wildflower enthusiasts. Other hikes may also be offered at the recreation areas or elsewhere on the Forest.

"Celebrating Wildflowers - National Wildflower Week" is annually hosted during the month of May to feature the important role that the Nations public lands, over 630 million acres, play in providing diverse habitats for much of America's flora. 

Wild Hyacinth Hike in Deam Wilderness

Join botanist, Cheryl Coon, and plant technician, Evie Phelps, on a hike to search for wild hyacinths in the Deam Wilderness as part of the 36th Annual Wildflower Foray.

Duration: 00:017:05|  Download the Video (400MB MP4)